IT specialists dicussing the benefits of Optical Carrier 3 bandwidth in an office setting

Is an Optical Carrier 3 The Best Option For Your Business?

The following article gives reasons why a business should consider an 0C3 connection. We will assist businesses to find the best bandwidth pricing provider. Our simple comparison quote form compares pricing from most OC3 providers in the US..

OC3 Internet Advantages for Business Suitability

The rate at which data flows or consumed over an internet connection is known as bandwidth. There are many available types of bandwidth for internet connections including DS3, T1, T3, ADSL lite and optical carrier 3 bandwidth,to name but a few. All of these bandwidths provide Internet at different speeds and therefore are suitable in various settings.

The OC3 bandwidth/Optical Carrier transmission 3 is most suitable for a business Internet connection. It has many advantages over the other types mentioned. Below are five reasons why you need to think of using an OC3 for your business.

The OC3 lives up to the SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking) standards; this is a data transfer system that takes information at rapid transmission rates across fiber optic cables. The cables are the gold standard of information transmission, and the OC3 connection works well with it.

The speed is rapid. A fast connection is necessary when running any business on the internet. Customers like to be able to view your website and order with ease. It is also especially needed because it can improve customer relations, especially if they receive an efficient service every time.

The Optical carrier 3 connection is faster than many other types. The OC3 bandwidth measures 155 Mbit/s, this much faster than the T3 Broadband that measures 44.739 Mbit/s and the T1 and ADSL lite bandwidths that regulate 1.544 Mbit/s and 1.5 Mbit/s respectively. It, therefore, suggests that businesses that use the OC3 instead of all the others mentioned will have a distinct advantage. They will be better able to provide a fast link for customers.

The OC3 Internet connection gives more of a real-time interface with customers. A rapid bandwidth combined with excellent customer service can provide a more interactive business product. The speed of this kind of connection allows customers to access your products more efficiently. Online auction sites get a positive boost for real-time bids.

There is a more efficient system of data delivery. Unlike other forms of connections that cannot maximize data delivery; the OC3 system is a professional in this area. Because it works via the SONET system, OC3 can optimize bandwidth and improve the level of data delivery. Every time data goes in any direction across your businesses network as it will be intact. The impact reduces inefficiencies that can occur with data delivery and will improve the customer service and relations areas of your online business.

The OC3 bandwidth is the most appropriate for businesses. It is a fast connection where information is intact every time. It also allows the passage of sensitive and real-time information appropriately. Many other types of bandwidth connections exist with slower transmission rates than the OC3 variety. These are all relevant for home or small network connections but not for an online business. They are too lazy and ultimately not conducive to the function of many internet businesses that involve purchasing online or other instances that may need a more rapid connection.

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