Does your Business Have a High Speed Internet Broadband Connection Service?

two people looking at  internet on a business laptop in an office building

Broadband Connection

Does your high speed Internet provider advertise how fast it's service is and is it entitled to call it a Broadband connection

Maybe you should look again.  Sometime ago the FTC Categorised Broadband as a minimum of 3Mbps upload.  This standard replaces the old 4/1 rule to keep pace with the enormous amounts of data transfers today.  What this means is that your DSL may not be Broadband.

Paying more for a faster service such as T1 or T3/DS3 dedicated connection may seem expensive, but spending that bit more can reap benefits for your business.

Benefits of a High Speed Internet Connection for Business

Some benefits are:

1. A High-Speed Internet Connection is much More Efficient for Business Productivity

We all know how annoying it is waiting for pages to load.  If you are running a business and half of your employees are wasting time waiting for pages to load you are losing money.  Just do the maths, and it could result in losses of thousands of dollars.  There is little productivity in waiting for pages to load or downloading or uploading files.

The solution is to invest in a High-Speed Internet connection.

2. Reduce Stress

Stress is a significant factor in today’s business environment with many hours lost due to staff sickness and productivity.

A slow Internet connection can lead to stress both on the employees part and customers frustration.  How many times have employees had to tell customers the computer is slow today?  We've all experienced that.

3. Divided Bandwidth

When several employees are online at the same time, the bandwidth is split between them; resulting in a slower Internet, particularly with a wireless connection.

There are recommended guidelines for download speeds by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).  For instance to browse a web page every employee needs a minimum of between 0.5 and 1.0 Mbps.  To use the email, you also need 0.5Mbps and Video Conferencing 1.0Mbps.  If you are using several computers or devices at the same time, you will soon run out of bandwidth.

4. Cloud and Slow Internet

If you’re using the Cloud, it means that you are downloading and uploading all of the time. Resulting in a slow Internet connection which is not ideal.


Other Potential Benefits

Some other benefits are a reduction in cost by using other services such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol); however, VOIP requires a broadband connection.  Home working may be another option for reducing the office space a business needs.

To sum up, a High-Speed Internet connection can reap real benefits for your business regarding efficiency, reduced stress, reduced costs and increased profitability.

So why not supercharge your business today with a fast connection.  Check prices at