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Benefits of a DS3/T3 Internet Connection For Business


Why Should A Business use a DS3/T3 Line?

DS/T3 Benefits Specifications

With the expansion of businesses, comes the need to increase the Internet connection speed for the amount of phones, data-intensive applications, hosting capabilities, call center size, and amounts of Internet use.

To increase this, an Internet DS3/T3 is the way to go.

An Internet DS3 or T3 connection can carry up to 45Mbps of data between two locations.

This means an Internet DS3/T3 is the equivalent of 28 Internet T1s.

This data transfer works at 43 megabits per second through an Internet DS3/T3 channel.

An Internet DS3 also comes equipped with up to 672 individual channels, each of these broadband DS3 channels supports up to 64Kbps of data transfer.

To be sure that you will not lose any speed during a high-speed data transfer, your Internet DS3 will come equipped with a digital connection device.

This will allow your Internet DS3/T3 to connect to four different lines to create a larger stream for your data to cross through your Internet DS3.

Your Internet DS3/T3 will also provide you with a Dedicated Internet Line that will keep your information secure, as well as deliver it quickly and efficiently.

Often, Internet DS3s are used between two points, to create a solid point-to-point service.

Internet DS3s are always run through a fiber optic cable, to fulfill everyone's speed requirements.

Internet DS3s are great for companies that consist of multiple locations.

By utilizing your Internet DS3, you will be able to keep in touch with anyone in your company.

Your Internet DS3 will also allow you to connect with business prospects and partners around the world with a reliable and fast Internet DS3 service.

Your connection to the Internet over an Internet DS3 will be extremely fast, and Internet DS3s often connect to your network’s backbone.

This means your Internet DS3 is an extremely quick service that is connected to a backbone line. Once your Internet DS3 has gone from your network to your carriers,

it then re-connects to your Internet DS3 and is delivered wherever you have determined.

If requested, your Internet DS3 will be transferred through routers, onto different networks, to reach any destination you ask it to.

This connection is not only fast but also secure as it uses a dedicated connection Which is only accessed by your company. This connection is very reliable and efficient.

Who uses DS-3s

Companies where downloading speed is equally important as the uploading speed should always consider using a DS3 line.

Examples are companies that host high-traffic websites, support web hosting and need high-capacity bandwidth on an as-needed basis.

Also, universities/colleges, government offices, and high-volume call centers.

A full DS3 can accommodate many simultaneous users depending on the requirements of the business.

Generally, a DS3 line is installed as a major networking channel for large corporations or universities with high-volume network traffic.

This is an always-on, high-speed connection that provides a dedicated, stable, and reliable link to the Internet, and can support up to 500 or more computer users.

In this way, everyone on the Internet, no matter where they are and what company they use, can talk to everyone else on the planet.

Advice should be sought from a specialist before connecting to the service.

This will help you know exactly what you require.

Information about the service providers in your location can also be provided by the specialists. Major DS3 Clients

Most T3 clients fall into one of the following categories:

Medical centers Call centers Government offices Universities Large web hosting companies High-traffic websites.

The above users have high data demands such as video conferencing and customers logging in to access updated versions of a product.

Price of a T3 Internet Connection.

The amount paid each month for the connection is different for each organization depending on needs.

The cost can be anywhere between $1500.00 dollars and $7500.00 dollars or higher depending on the location of the customer.

There are two monthly charges for this service.

The first is the price for the circuit offered by the local exchange carrier; this is also referred to as the local loop charge.

The local telephone company that lets Digital Signal Level 3 into the carrier's system also charges a fee.

The cost of the loops is different depending on the carrier.

If you want the power of a T3 connection without the high price, you can also elect to share the bandwidth with others through a burstable connection.

This means that other companies and organizations can draw upon the T3 bandwidth at the same time as you.

In most cases, the drop in speed should not be noticeable and will afford you a cheap T3 internet service.

How DS3 Benefits your business

DS3 can certainly help your corporation in several ways.

DS3 is an expensive kind of Internet connection however in the long run, it will benefit your business.

Consider the large amount of time using a slow DSL or digital subscriber line.

Plus, the benefits of having a T3 connection in your enterprise collocation with the additional time increasing the efficiency over your existing one.

In less than a couple of years, you will probably recoup the additional expense.


Hence, DS3 private lines can send multiple analog and digital streams with bandwidth speeds reaching up to 45 Megabytes per second.

It is best utilized for the implementation of mission-critical applications such as the transmission of massive quantities of data or to broadcast of real-time videos with excellent audio.

DS-3 private services allow the simultaneous transmission of large quantities of data, video, and audio.

There are a lot of advantages to opting for an internet T3 internet connection.

This means that your expense depends entirely on the bandwidth requirement.

You do not necessarily have to purchase the most expensive deal when your business can completely settle for a lesser speed.

A DS3 line offers a very fast speed without any server lag.

It may cost you more than T1 connections or DSL, but you can surely take advantage of its speed stability, and dependability.

If you have a business that requires a stable and very fast internet connection, this may be the answer to your needs.

The capabilities of Internet T3 are almost incomparable to anything else given that it is equivalent to 28 T1 connections.

This gives the technology the power to push your business forward.
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