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DS3 Business Internet Prices for DS3 Bandwidth Application Providers.


Ds3 Bandwidth Applications for your Business Internet

Written by: Les Harper - Aug 5, 2020
A Business Internet DS3 connection (sometimes referred to as a T3 or E3) is a leased private dedicated line that goes directly from your office to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). A T3 connection is equivalent to 28 T1/DS1 connections and uses digital signals on fiber-optic cable at speeds of 45 million bps (bits per second) or 44.736 megabits per second. Generally this type of dedicated line is for 50-100+ users and/or high business internet bandwidth applications. T3 connections can also be used for point to point access (direct connection between 2 business sites).

As a standard used in the North American and Japanese marketplaces, a DS3 Internet line can handle 672, 64Kbps voice conversations or one video data channel. The T3 line has enough width to transmit full-motion real-time videos and very large databases over a busy network. Generally a line would be installed as a major networking channel for a large corporation, research facility, call center, or university with high volume network traffic. But there are multiple smaller scale business uses also....particularly when multiple locations are involved. Bandwidths for a Fractional E3, up to a full E3, generally run at speeds between 6 Mbps through 45 Mbps.

DS3 connection (or T3 connection), is great for companies with large DS3 bandwidth Internet needs. It is especially useful as the backbone for Disaster Recovery systems. If your company needs computer access for 50 + users, or needs to run high bandwidth applications like video conferencing, you are likely in the market for a T3/E3 connection. A T3 line is also a viable solution for companies looking to resell ds3 bandwidth to their customers. The common T1 line can handle 24 simultaneous voice calls or a high speed Internet connection speed of 1.54 Mbps. This T1 is usually the solution of choice for small to mid size businesses. A DS3 line can handle 672 simultaneous voice calls or provide a high speed Internet connection of 45 Mbps.
The T3 is typically used by high end data and voice customers as it is the equivalent of 28 T1 lines or 672 voice lines.

Most T3 circuits are "fractional", meaning a portion of the circuit. A T3 is capable of 45 megabits per second. Fractional DS3s are usually, 8 megabit per second which is equal to about five (5) T1s. Today this is more than fast enough for most all business needs.

The cost of the T3 circuit is always mileage based. Generally speaking the farther the distance from your ISPs Central Office (CO) connection the more it will cost. On top of that there is often a DS3 bandwidth usage charge. Our DS3 prices are very competitive.

A DS3 Internet connection service can be deployed for a wide variety of applications. The most common uses are T3 point-to-point (tying 2 distinct business locations together), T3 internet (data), T3 frame relay, T3 voice, and DS3 VPN.
The business internet price for these connections varies widely depending on the carrier, location of service and the application for which the connection is being used. Using a free ds3 quote research service such as ours will allow you to obtain current business DS3 prices for your location. We also provide T1 quotes and other high speed internet prices.

DS and T are used to classify digital circuits according to the rate and format of the signal (DS) and the equipment (T) that is used to provide these signals. However, when someone refers to DS1 they are referring to T1, as much of the time these terms are used synonymously.

A DS3 line provides non optical, high speed connectivity and transmits data at rates up to 45 mbps. The line has approximately 672 voice grade telephone lines and has the capability of transmitting full motion, real time video and large databases across intensely used, bandwidth hungry networks. Typical installation of the DS3 Internet network would include large corporations, universities and networks with high volume traffic such as call centers, enterprise VoIP and IP PBX systems, Internet service providers, research labs, video conferencing centers and software development companies.

A DS3 is ideal for businesses that are in search of unlimited high capacity network access. The signal is composed of 28 DS1 signals and constructed using a two step multiplexing process to convert into seven DS2 signals. The 7-DS2 signals are then, multiplexed into one DS3 signal.

Each step requires bit stuffing for handling the input frequencies and the overhead bits provide the alignment, error checking, in band communications and bit control information.

Prices of DS3 Connections vary across customers. Normally, a local loop charge and a port charge are imposed on DS3 connections. The local loop charge is the price to carrier and is based on the distance from the customer’s location to the edge of the network. Prices vary across carriers depending on the type of loop used. Pricing may also be impacted with reference to the type of DS3 service a customer is looking for. Full DS3 connections carry a higher charge than fractional DS3 connections.

What is the difference? A full DS3 service will be typically required by customers who host high traffic websites and need high capacity bandwidth on demand.

Fractional DS3 connections will be ideal for those who require more bandwidth than a T1 line but not the full capacity of a DS3 line. Fractional DS3 line can be turned up on demand into a full DS3 line.

Both these connections have speeds that range from 3 Mbps to 45 Mbps. DS3 connection costs may also be computed by local carriers on the basis of the type of application that is to be deployed on the line. DS3 point-to-point, DS3 Internet, DS3 frame relay, DS3 voice and DS3 VPN may all be priced differently by different carriers.

Ideally, businesses should obtain quotations from service providers of DS3 lines on costs with relation to the type of loops employed; the distance from the carrier; the type of application to be deployed on the line; and the type of DS3 capability (full or fractional) required. This will give them a complete idea of the prices involved in setting up a DS3 line from different service providers in the locality and the advantages of using the particular service offered.

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