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Why DS3 Internet can benefit Businesses and the application of T3 internet for a wide variety of high bandwidth services?

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Welcome to our instant DS3 Internet price quote software! This unique software will locate the best T1 prices from a range of T1 and DS3 carriers at the most economical cost. This service is not tied to any particular T1 carrier. Once you are satisfied with a quote that meets your requirement one of our T1/DS3 Product Specialists will contact you to discuss your detailed needs,send you an official ds3 bandwidth price quote and assist you all the way. If you want to discuss specific t1 requirements or technical issues please call (888) 874-3837 for a no obligation discussions. Our experts are here to help you make an informed decision.

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More about DS3 T1


Is your business is looking for the right solution for critical business network solution? If your answer is yes, then best option for you today is DS3/T1 bandwidth. DS3/T1 bandwidth delivers the extra capacity and worry free reliability your company requirement to support its business function.

First, DS3 is a dedicated network connection supporting data rates of about 44.736 megabits per second. This is usually rounded up to 45 Mbps for discussion sake. For general comparison a DS3 is 28 times higher than T1, since each T1 can carry 1.544 megabits per second. So technically, a DS3 runs 28 T1 lines alongside one another, and that takes extra equipment and software to work properly. To break it down further, a DS3 line consists of 672 individual channels, each of which supports 64 Kbps. The signals used are called Digital Signal 3 or DS3.

For many businesses, a T1 line is sufficient for quick, always-on access to the Internet. But for large businesses with a sizeable user base, or for businesses and organizations that regularly work with high-bandwidth applications like audio and video, a more robust solution is required:  a DS-3/T3 line.

Benefitting your Business

The key technology everywhere today is to relay 'live feeds' of images along with hi-definition audio and video-hence the proliferation of HD content on the internet and also otherwise. It is obvious that better the technology, the faster will you be able to satisfy your client's demands and requirements; needless to say, providing service will also be quite helpful. After considering all the growing demands for a better and faster communication channel, the DS3 T3 lines were conceived. The fact is that the bandwidth supported by DS3 lines is so high that even streaming live HD feeds can be seamlessly carried out without stressing the communication channels - that leaves you with other options to expand your business and use the remaining bandwidth for remaining communication purposes. If you're still unsure about utilizing the technology to its optimum, you can always take help of a web service provider that will help you get a good deal and also suggest good according to the level of your business.

Getting the fastest lines won't help you unless you have such large volumes of business to handle - therefore get one which makes your production and service cost-effective at the same time.

So if you are still looking for a speed bandwidth that only DS3/T1 services can provide, can easily make it happen. Our bandwidth is a proven, reliable, and cost effective choice for many network applications. Now that you know more about what it is, what it does, and what it may cost you... you can make a better informed decision on whether a DS3 circuit is the best option for you.

We provide quality Dedicated Bandwidth service, protect yourself and your investment by comparing amongst 30 first and top tier carriers where you have a Low Price Guarantee. For more information about Dedicated Bandwidth and finding your best deals and options, please visit us.



What is a T1 line?

T1 lines are rising in popularity among organizations worldwide, however many users are unfamiliar with the technology and the benefits it offers over standard transmission services and materials. T1 can define bandwidth, physical mediums used, and types of signaling used and the format of data transmission.

In simplest terms, a T1 line refers to a high performance fiber optic line used to carry 24 digital voice channels, typically at a rate greater than 1.544 megabits per second. This speed is significant, particularly when compared to traditional phone lines, often delivered on copper wires (which have been the industry standard for decades), which move at a speed of 30,000 bits per second. The speed of a T1 line is nearly 60 times greater than that of a standard modem!

The T1 system uses pulse code modification (PCM) and time division multiplexing (TDM) to transmit data over 4 wires; 2 for receiving and 2 for sending. One benefit of a T1 line is that its bandwidth is equal in both uplink and downlink directions; it is symmetrical.

T1 carriers use B8ZS signal encoding, which stands for 8 zero substitution. This feature enables data and a clock to be sent across the T1 cable simultaneously.

While many of the T1 systems still utilize twisted copper wiring, other materials such as optical fiber, coaxial cable and digital microwave are also used for transmission.

T1 lines can be used to carry a variety of data, including digital and voice. When used to transmit voice, such as telephone lines within an office setting, the T1 line will be plugged into the organization’s current phone wiring system. If the system is being used to transmit digital data, the T1 line will be plugged into the organization’s network router.

How many users can a T1 line accommodate?

There are three basic types of T1 lines; voice, data and primary rate interface. One of the greatest benefits of a T1 line is the number of users it can accommodate. A fully functioning T1 data line should be able to accommodate at least 200 users simultaneously. Each T1 voice line can accommodate 24 callers. However, there aren’t any current limits as to how many telephone numbers can point to a single T1 line. These numbers are often referred to as direct inward dialing (DID). Essentially, the sky is the limit in terms of how many users a system can accommodate. When businesses are considering the switch to a T1 system, it is important to spend time with an expert mapping out the current requirements so that they can be matched with the available budget.

How much will a T1 line cost?

The price of a T1 system will vary based primarily upon the distance that the wire loop must travel between the telecom and the installation site and the type of line selected. On average, users can expect a monthly cost of between $500 and $1,500. In addition to purchasing a system, many providers offer a lease or lease to own option, making the conversion process more affordable for small to mid-sized organizations.

Who can a T1 line benefit?

Typical users that benefit from installing a T1 system include offices that house greater than 8 users/phone lines/data ports, hospitals, airports, or any areas that need to provide internet or telephone service to a large number of users simultaneously.

If your business relies on an Internet connection or multiple phone lines, a T1 system could not only enhance your transmission speeds, but your organization’s overall efficiency rate. And, if your business relies on the ability to remain online, a T1 system could provide the reliability needed to service your customers and to protect valuable digital data.

As your business or organization grows, you can expand the number of lines required to maintain business flow. While there is an initial investment required to set up these systems, businesses often experience greater data flow, enhanced reliability and improved work efficiency which can offset any additional cost this system may require.