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T3/DS3/OC3 Dedicated Connection Pricing for Business

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Why a T3 or DS3 dedicated Internet connection can benefit Businesses.

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How T3/DS3 Bandwidth Compares With Other Internet Connections

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Competitive features of a  T3 connection as compared with T1 and other business solutions. Relate your specific requirements and evaluate how suitable a DS3 or T3 internet service is for your business.  


If your business needs a reliable, ultra-fast, trouble-free Internet service for a high volume of data processing and storage, T3/DS3 bandwidth is the perfect solution for you. A DS3 or T3  line is designed for bandwidth-intensive business applications like VoIP, cloud computing or streaming media. It is the traditional high bandwidth network that delivers up to 45 Mbps of internet connectivity with 99.99% of uptime. It is equivalent to bond up to 8 or 9 T1 lines but is far more cost-effective. If you choose a T3/DS3 connection you might get the bandwidth access through coaxial copper lines or fiber. A T3/DS3 circuit supports burstable bandwidth, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require fully dependable services even during peak usage. 

More and more businesses are considering Ethernet Internet solutions for corporate applications and data services. A T3 circuit provides maximum performance and dependable service availability which is backed by service level agreements and 24/7 customer support. A competitive t3 connection further includes:


  • Unlimited high-speed internet connectivity up to 45 Mbps
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Professional installation and training
  • Installed with Proactive Monitoring
  • Both Public and private IP addresses available
  • Dedicated line with dedicated Internet access.


For businesses with a huge data access or visitors/traffic volume, generally require a circuit that provides a stable, reliable, and dedicated service connection to the internet. For example, some large organizations having branches/presence across different cities/states/countries need direct phone lines for quick and uninterrupted communication. Other organizations include high traffic websites with HD video streaming/image loading/media downloading, or even for medical institutes/diagnostic centers for keeping and sharing patient records in multi-media format (video/image/audio). 


If your business needs a circuit solution for your telephony applications, T3/DS3 is highly recommended. This can be easily multiplexed or demultiplexed with T1 lines and SONET fiber optic services to offer you a suitable bandwidth solution. T3 can support over 600 telephone conversations simultaneously without blocking the servers. This circuit is far more efficient and cost-effective than combining 28 T1 lines. Sometimes, the carriers also provide routers free of cost along with their offering of telephony solutions. While the routers are not always necessary to be managed personally the carrier could possibly manage these for you.  


Is A T3/DS3 Dedicated Connection The Best Option For Your Business?

When generating your quote for an internet solution for your business, do check the availability of Fractional t3 and Burstable t3. A fractional t3 service offers less than 45 Mbps at a comparatively lower monthly cost. You can get a reliable connectivity even at a speed of 10 or 12 Mbps where other internet solutions like T1 become impractical. A burstable ds3, on the other hand, would let you start your bandwidth usage from a minimum range of 45 Mbps and increase the usage as your business needs grow. This is an ideal solution for your business if you require super-fast connectivity at ultra fast speed whilst you are not willing to opt for full t3 capacity. In terms of reliability, speed and security a t3 Connection offers the same value as Ethernet and bonded T1 lines. t3 bandwidth is, however, more popular and is priced reasonably lower for businesses of almost every size.


Before opting for a t3/ds3 internet service you must carefully and correctly identify your requirements. It is crucial that you consider both your present business operations and your expected needs in the near future. For example, if your only business communication application involves emailing then you might just need an ISDN line, T1 or maybe a fractional T1 would be sufficient. However, if you are looking for a solution that pumps voice, media, images, data through the network at super fast speed and a guaranteed timely delivery then a t3/ds3 circuit is the best solution.    


Your decision for a business internet service could also depend on the number of web properties that you wish to be interconnected. For example, WAN (Wide Area Network) lets you connect multiple locations, MPLS (Multiple Protocol Label Switching) would allow you to connect your web properties together easily and quickly. Asking for a dedicated connection can prove to be very expensive, so you can also ask for a point-to-point connection leased line for lower bandwidth cost.


Getting a T3/DS3 circuit dedicated connection and equipment can carry high installation costs but, depending on your location and how intelligently you choose a network plan you could find a great deal for your equipment pricing and the monthly usage cost. Some providers may also offer free installation if you purchase the server hardware from them. No doubt that this is an expensive kind of Internet connection, but in the long run it has the potential to deliver huge benefits. Within a few years, you can recover the complete investment.


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